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Hair Color

hair color, hair coloristAmazing hair color that makes heads turn!

At Headquarters, our highly trained stylist can provide custom hair coloring, corrective hair coloring and hair color maintenance.  We’ll assess your hair, depending on the thickness, current color, hair type and we’ll provide the best solution for you to achieve the hair color you desire.

Custom Hair Coloring: If you’re looking for a specific custom hair color, our stylist will give you an in-depth analysis and provide the game plan so you’ll be confident it will be done the right way.

Corrective Hair Coloring: If you went to a salon that didn’t quite get the color right, don’t worry.  We’re experts at correcting hair color.  No matter what has occurred, we can still correct it with the right processes.  If you need you hair color corrected, don’t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment as soon as possible.  Do know that depending on the corrective actions needed, please allocate plenty of time.

Hair Color Maintenance: If your roots are growing out, we’ll help you maintain the color you want.  When we create a new hair color for you, we always take into consideration the maintenance that will be required when your roots grow back and devise a schedule that will help you maintain your desired hair color.

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